certified free from over 100 harmful chemicals.

organic cotton.

organic textile plants are grown using environmentally friendly methods without the use of harmful chemicals or genetically engineered seeds.

plants must have been grown without the use of toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers for at least three years. instead, organic cotton crops use natural fertilizers like compost and manure.

organic cotton vs cotton.

organic cotton tends to be softer, smell better, and less likely to trigger allergies. the growing process improves the quality of the soil and uses less water in the process. a direct link from our clothing to our planet.

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benefits of bamboo.

naturally antibacterial and sustainable.

bamboo plants contain a bio-agent called Bamboo Kun. this special agent allows it to grow without the use of pesticides or fertilizers at outstanding rates in the wild.


unlike chemically treated fibres, bamboo fibres are smooth and round without any sharp edges poking out that may irritate those with sensitive skin.

exceptionally breathable.

the cross section of the bamboo fibre is covered in tiny holes that allow air to easily pass through and absorb moisture. this helps keep the wearer cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

bamboo textiles are even UV protective as they cut out 98% of harmful UV rays, another property that helps it grow so rapidly around the world.

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TENCEL™ is a trademarked name of sustainable lyocell and modal textiles. lyocell and modal are both members of the rayon family, man made textiles made from natural fibres.


lyocell, the second generation of rayon, is a semi synthetic material produced from beech wood pulp. the pulp is broken down into fibres using an environmentally friendly oxygen based bleaching method, spun into yarn, and then woven/knit into fabric. the first thing you'll notice is how it feels. it is known for it's smooth touch and impressive breathability.


modal, the third generation of the rayon family, is known for it’s silky soft touch and exceptional ability to absorb water. micromodal, the fourth generation of rayon, has all the added benefits along with an unmistakable buttery soft feel.

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our TENCEL™ branded fabrics come from the eco award winning Lenzing AG. their “closed loop production process” allows 99% of solvents used in fabric production to be recycled and continuously reused.