baby headband.

baby headband.

sew a baby tie headband in only 30 minutes no printing required







about .3 meters of fabric

scissors / rotary cutter

chalk / wax / fabric pen

ruler - a wide grid ruler works best


*note: measurements are in inches



you'll want to choose a knit fabric with a bit of structure I used an organic cotton ribbing with a weight of 250 gsm. it does not have to be as heavy as fleece but you'll want to save your lightweight jersey knits for another project. choose a good medium weight knit like french terry or ribbing.





first you're going to draw a rectangle that's 37.5" x 6.5" (inches). you can draw this onto paper first or straight onto your fabric. make a notch in the center of the long edges then cut out your pattern piece. press in half - the hot dog way - wrong sides together to create a crease. 



unfold your band and refold right sides together. serge the two shortest edges first then serge down the long edge leaving a 2" opening around that center notch. 


press and steam your band then turn right side out making sure to poke out all your corners. use my "play dough" method - imagine rolling out a piece of play dough to make a snake - to push the seam right to the edge of the band. give your band a good press as you roll each section being careful not to burn your fabric.



edge stitch the opening closed - about 1/8" away from the edge. use steam to shrink your band back to shape where you just stitched.


and you're done!  


now all you have to do it tie it! it might look like a special knot but it's just a basic tie-your-laces bow. it will take a few tries to get it juuuust right.



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